White Diamond


White Diamonds are known to be among nature's most precious and beautiful creations, undoubtedly making it a girl's best friend. It is the hardest gem of all, which is made of one single element: carbon. Since the beauty of a diamond is within its well-executed cut, Kowloon Trading Company pledges to provide customers with their desired 4Cs quality from Brazil, Iseral and India.

Fancy Color Diamond


Fancy Color Diamonds are nothing but dazzling brilliance. Since these of types of diamonds offer customers with captivating color, they are the planet's most rare and expensive gemstones; only 1 in 100,000 diamonds is a fancy color. While the value of gem diamonds decreases with the color becoming more obvious, fine color diamonds increase in value based on their strength and purity of the color. With suppliers in Brazil, Australia and South Africa, a wide varity of color diamonds are available at KTC.

Black Diamond


Black Diamond, also known as Carbonada, are primarily found in alluvial deposits in the Central African Republic and mainly in Brazil. Also seen as the toughest form of natural daimond, the stone is available in its natural color of black and dark grey. Kowloon Trading Company offers a large range of sizes and qualities from genuine sources.