Kowloon Trading Company, also known as KTC, is a leading importer and exporter of diamond, precious and semi-precious stones.  


Acting as a wholesaler and retailer in numerous cuts and sizes of diamonds, the company poccesses successful history in trading of  emerald, ruby and sapphire as well. Since the past decade, Kowloon Trading Company also offers a variety of treated and natural semi-precious stones and fancy cuts.


Kowloon Trading Company has been a genuine source of diamonds and gemstones around the world. With strong foundation in the industry for over 30 years and having branches at different parts of the world, KTC brings to customers' desired quality stones at reasonable price. 


Since we have direct sources for purchasing raw materials and cutting and polishing is conducted at our factories, quality and price are of utmost importance to the company. Hence, you can be rest assured about your preferences and needs when dealing with us.


With over three decades of establishment across the globe, the company firmly resides by its moto:


Customer satisaction is our greatest asset!